Fun Activities to Learn Chinese

Online Chinese classes - Science Magic Fun Magic Science for Kids – Online Chinese Classes - Magic+ online Chinese classes will teach your child the wonders of science through magic while improving their Mandarin language proficiency Continue Reading
happy children sitting under red paper lanterns and chinese new year decorations Easy Lunar New Year Crafts for Kids - Making Chinese New Year decorations with your children is a fun way to bond and learn about Chinese culture. Here's a list of easy Chinese New Year crafts all based on the simple accordion fold. Continue Reading
Year of the Dragon activity for kids - coloring page - dragon photo frame Year of the Dragon Photo Frame - Did you know that the dragon is the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac? This Lunar New Year holds special significance as the dragon takes center stage, being the most celebrated animal not only in Chinese culture but also in many other Asian cultures. Beyond its status as the most powerful creature, the dragon symbolizes prosperity, good health, and intelligence, making this year particularly auspicious. When is the Lunar New Year 2024 The Lunar New Year, also known as… Continue Reading
Anise Swallowtail Butterfly resting on child's finger Anise Swallowtail Butterflies - Raising caterpillars is an educational activity that is fascinating for the whole family. In this post, you will learn all about anise swallowtail butterflies — what they look like, where to find them, and how to raise them from caterpillars. Continue Reading
Boba reward chart, classroom rewards Boba Reward Chart - Got a little boba lover? Reinforce your child's positive behavior with this boba reward chart. Available in English, Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin, and Simplified Chinese with Pinyin. Download the free printable now. Continue Reading
action cubes to learn chinese characters Learn Chinese with Action Cubes - Learn Chinese with action cubes! This is a game of pure silliness I came up with to learn 12 common verbs. Get your little ones moving and laughing while they learn Chinese. Continue Reading
Ninjas wear masks coloring sheet Ninja Coloring Sheet - My son is obsessed with ninjas so that gave me an idea for this ninja coloring sheet to get him to keep his mask on when we are out. Ninjas wear masks. Be a good ninja. Drawing by grandpa Continue Reading
diy cardboard pinball game Pinball Game - The kids love playing pinball at the night markets in Taiwan. Since we can't go back this year I decided to bring the game right to our living room. I made this with a cardboard box, corks, and boba straws. This is a fun way to sneak in some math by turning it into a competitive game and having the kids add up their scores. Continue Reading
knock em down game made with a cardboard box and chinese flash cards Night Market Game with Chinese Flash Cards - This is the first spring in many years that we can't go back to Taiwan. We've had lot of fun times playing games at the night market. Since we can't make it there I decided to bring the games here! Hope you enjoy this one! My son learned 16 characters in one afternoon playing this game. Continue Reading
toddler hands holding plate with 2 cookies decorated with Chinese characters Chinese Character Painted Cookies - Learn Chinese characters with this cookie painting activity. You can make your own cookie dough or use store bought cookie dough. The cookie paint requires just 2 simple ingredients and no added sugar. No sugary icing is used to decorate these cookies. Continue Reading

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