Favorite Books June 2019

favorite books june 2019

Top Shelf

The Itch Book
This book was illustrated by grandpa Joe. The Itch Book is no longer in print but you can find a used copy on Amazon.

Middle Shelf

The Ultimate Book of Vehicles
This is an interactive book for serious vehicle lovers. It has been a favorite of my son’s for 3 years now!
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好臟的哈利 (Harry the Dirty Dog) by Gene Zion
This is an classic from 1959 that my daughter and I really enjoy. The storyline is so cute and I love the old style illustrations. We found this at Mollie Used Bookstore for $40 NT.
Borrow from a CA/NV Public Library
ISBN: 9789575033514
Available from Amazon

臟小弟 (Dirty Bertie) By David Roberts
This is a hilarious and icky story about a dirty little boy. I absolutely love this book and will buy more from this author. We found this at Mollie Used Bookstore for a steal but it’s under $7 on Amazon!

地圖 (Maps)
We found this book at Costco in Taiwan. The book is in Traditional Chinese with no Zhuyin, so it’s too advanced for me to read to him. He still enjoys the illustrations and asks many, many questions.
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Bottom Shelf

This is a nice book to teach kids about dental hygiene. A must if you have young children!
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九隻頑皮的小貓咪 (Nine naughty kittens) By Linda Jennings
Nine Naughty Kittens is part of a book set. I found all 4 books at Mollie Used Books for $100NT!!! Total score! My daughter loves these books and is a bedtime favorite.

肥皂超人出擊 (Soap Superman)
This is a great book prepping my son for Kindergarten this fall. Soap Superman teaches how to properly wash off all those dirty germs! We were able to borrow it from our local library but we may add this to our permanent collection!
Find it at Gloria’s Bookstore
Find it at Books.com.tw
Borrow from a CA/NV Public Library
ISBN: 9789575033514

Hot Rod Hamster Monster Truck Mania
My son has always been obsessed with vehicles and anything with wheels. Monster trucks are no exception. I found this for sale at the library for $0.25!
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