Father’s Day Song & Lyrics

Father's Day Song and Lyrics

My son’s preschool class is learning 爸爸,去哪儿? for their Father’s Day performance. I found the music video on YouTube and downloaded the MP3 file for our C-Pen. I also created lyric sheets so that we can read along as we listen to the audio from the C-Pen. Our C-Pen is now an expensive music player! Below is the Father’s Day song & lyrics. Enjoy!


English Translation: Daddy, Where Are We Going?
爸爸去哪儿? is the them song from a very popular show in China. It’s actually a good non-animated show for your children to learn Mandarin. The song is a lovely father and child duet, perfect as a Father’s Day song!

Free printable lyric sheets:
爸爸去哪兒? Traditional Chinese
爸爸去哪兒? Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin
爸爸去哪儿? Simplified Chinese
爸爸去哪儿? Simplified Chinese with Pinyin

爸爸,去哪儿? Music Video

爸爸,去哪儿? Animated Music Video

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