Dinosaur Books With Big Text

Chinese kids books about dinosaurs with big text

It’s no secret that kids love dinosaurs. Dinosaur books are not difficult to find, so what’s different about this list of books? These are dinosaur books with big text!

My kids can recognize many of the characters in their simpler books but, they rarely read on their own. While reading together I notice most of the books have very small text. I find myself trying hard to read the characters. For someone learning Chinese, the small text makes it difficult to read, especially if the characters look similar. Then when there is a lot of text on a page, it’s very intimidating for a new reader. During storytime I am often reading to both children so I have to hold the book so that we can all see the pages, making most of the text way too small to read. The big text invites the kids to read along!

When searching for books, I have 3 requirements:

  1. Clear and easy to read font
  2. Big text size
  3. Nice modern illustrations

These requirements are not easy to meet when it comes to Chinese books. Many are outdated and have really ugly illustrations. Many publishers choose fonts that are decorative and hard to read. I find the western books translated to Chinese often have better illustrations and story line. If only kids books could be printed with bigger text!

Chinese kids books about dinosaurs with big text
Dear Dinosaur Chinese Children's Book


Dear Dinosaur
Language: Traditional Chinese with some Zhuyin

Dear Dinosaur is a story about a boy and his special pen-pal, T-Rex. Your little Dino lover might be inspired to take up writing. After reading this book my 5 year old son wrote his first postcard!

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Bigger Than You Dinosaur Chinese Children's Book


Bigger Than You
Language: Traditional Chinese

This book teaches a simple lesson; no matter who is bigger, we can all have fun together! The Chinese characters are simple and repetitive. My 3 year old was able read almost the entire book on her own.

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How Do Dinosaurs Go To School? Chinese Children's Book


How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?
Language: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin
ISBN: 9789864401468

Dinosaurs are causing a raucous at school, doing all the things kids shouldn’t do! Then they turn it around and make things right.

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Dinosaurs Love Underpants Chinese Children's Book


Dinosaurs Love Underpants
Language: Traditional Chinese
ISBN: 9789573279174

Can you believe that dinosaurs’ love of underpants caused their demise? Read all about it in this comical story.

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