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Decipher Chinese Learn Chinese APP

***Update: The Decipher app is no longer available***

Decipher Chinese allows you to learn Chinese by reading news articles specifically written by teachers. I find this learn Chinese app easy to use. The interface is straightforward and intuitive. It’s a no frills app but loaded with just the right features for beginners. The articles are short and mostly about Chinese culture with some world news.

The best part of the Decipher Chinese app is the touch dictionary/audio feature. This allows me to practice reading with the pinyin turned off. When I encounter a Chinese character that I am not familiar with I can click to hear the Mandarin audio and also learn the English definition. I find it easier to learn the characters without the distraction of pinyin.


  • Touch Dictionary/Mandarin Audio
  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese
  • Pinyin that can be turned on or off
  • HSK level hints
  • New articles daily
  • Save words to study later
  • Tracks progress


Decipher Chinese Language
Decipher Chinese Dictionary
Decipher Chinese Track
Decipher Chinese Vocab


Decipher Chinese is available as a mobile, tablet, or web app. The app is free with limited articles. Unlimited access is $4.99 for a monthly subscription. Download at

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