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DK Eye Know science books with reading pen

The Chinese science books with a reading pen by DK Eye Know have helped keep my 5-year-old entertained these past few weeks so that I could have some quiet time to work. Reading pens and books are great for long car rides too! At first, I thought it was a pricey investment but they have proved to be more than worth it! The kids have learned so many new words and phrases in Mandarin listening to the audio pen, even some funny stuff! Best of all they there’s no screen time.

DK Eye Know Books


There are a total of 14 hardcover books in this set that include Dinosaurs, Mammals, Insect, Birds, Reptiles, Human Body, Plants, Trees, Water, Weather, Light, Outer Space, Color, and Time. The vocabulary is easier to understand compared to many science books we’ve come across, especially with the help of the reading pen. Contents of each book include facts, comparisons, experiments, and activity ideas, such as the sundial activity shown in the photo above.

Real Images

The books feature images of real objects, although the dinosaurs are realistic 3D illustrations. Pictures are of high quality and vivid.


The books are written in Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin for most of the characters. The characters are big and printed in a font that is easy to read.

Recommended Age

These books are recommended for ages 3-9 by the retailer. Three might be a bit young but should be fine with parental supervision. My son is now 6.5 and still interested in the books and reads them regularly. Sometimes he stares at the photos, other times he just listens to the pen.

Reading Pen Features

Instant Playback

The reading pen plays audio instantly without any delay. Tap once for Mandarin Chinese, tap again for audio in English.

Bilingual Audio

The pen’s audio output includes both Mandarin Chinese and English with adult and children’s voices. The English audio is helpful to translate Mandarin phrases we don’t know.

Record Function

The pen has short recording capabilities. I’m not sure why this feature exists but my son accidentally discovered and finds it entertaining. To record, hold down the volume button until you hear the prompt in Chinese, “開始錄音” (start recording).

Long Battery Life

The reading pen is rechargeable and has long battery life. I rarely charge it. A USB cable is included with the pen and books.

Where to Buy

If you are in the US you can purchase from Gloria’s Bookstore

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