Chinese Kids Books on Behavior and Feelings

Chinese Kids Books on Behavior and Feelings

For the first 6 years of parenting I felt like anything could set off a tantrum. Soup isn’t soupy enough, lovey is missing (again), I’m hungry but too tired to eat and too hungry to nap. And no one ever does anything mom asks, am I right? Here is a list of Chinese kids books to read with your kids to start the conversation about feelings and how they can choose to react to them and transform bad moods. There are also books about behavior, what’s right or wrong, and how to be kind.

Chinese Kids Books on Behavior and Feelings

我最討厭你了(Let’s Be Enemies)

Cy Janice May Udry, is a classic book about young friends that fight and make up.

Traditional Chinese

生氣王子 (Angry Prince)

The elephant prince learns to tame his temper so he doesn’t miss another trip to the amusement park. Includes audio CD.

ISBN: 9789863980193
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最棒的禮物 (Peace is an Offering)

By Annette LeBox. Peace can begin with one simple act of kindness, that is the message of this book. The illustrations depict a diverse group neighbors, children and adults living together peacefully by showing each other kindness and respect.

ISBN: 9789863381013
Traditional Chinese or Gloria’s Bookstore

我不想喝汤 (I Don’t Want Soup)

By Michaël Escoffier. A funny book about a little boy that won’t eat his soup.

ISBN: 9789861898568
Traditional Chinese

不要!我不要!(No, No, No!)

By Marie-Isabelle Callier. Jeanne has a little dragon inside that makes her say, “No!” to her mother. After some time apart, Jeanne misses her mother and learns to say “Yes” for a change.

Traditional Chinese or Gloria’s Bookstore

誰才是好爸爸 (Who is the Best Dad)

By René Gouichoux. Little bear doesn’t want to help with dinner and would rather play. Follow along as he’s off to find a better dad.

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我想要這個 (I Want This)

By Daniela Kulot. Alinda really wants a book but mom says she can’t afford it. What happens when she decides to take the book anyway?

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和大象一樣重的謊言 (A Lie as Heavy as an Elephant)

By Thierry Robberecht. A little boy learns the weight of a lie is as heavy as an elephant.

Traditional Chinese or Gloria’s Bookstore

我的感覺系 (The Way I Feel) Box Set

By Cornelia Maude Spelman. This 8 book set comes with audio CDs. The stories help children identify different feelings and how to deal with each emotion.

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Simplified Chinese JD

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