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Exercise videos in Chinese

Congrats if you have made it past the first couple weeks of distance learning. Those PE videos have got to go though, am I right? When possible we go outside for PE, but these raging fires in California have made the air outside unsafe. Here’s a list of Chinese exercise videos to replace those awful PE videos.

These videos are intended for adults but are great for kids that have outgrown preschool music. The choreography isn’t too fast and there are no mature or inappropriate dance moves. I have a hard time keeping up with the moves but these videos have us laughing so hard and are loads of fun, even if dancing offbeat.

Get Dancing to these Chinese Exercise Videos


There are many versions of this popular song by the Chopstick Brothers but this video is hilariously entertaining. The beat and lyrics are catchy and upbeat enough to get your heart rate up.

screenshot of 小苹果 exercise song in Mandarin Chinese


For those of you in the US, the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t going to end soon. Even though we’re all pretty tired of hearing about the virus, flu season is approaching and we all need a reminder to stay diligent to wash our hands and wear a mask. Chinese corona song with lyrics

screenshot of corona song in Mandarin Chinese


In this workout video, the instructor gives loud and clear directions in Mandarin. It’s a great way to practice listening skills and learn new vocabulary while breaking a sweat.

screenshot of zumba in Mandarin Chinese


At parks in Taiwan, it’s common to see groups of women dancing to pop music. My son didn’t want to stop and danced to these videos for an hour. The instructor 麥克斯 (mài kè sī) says some silly stuff that has the kids cracking up. He talks the entire time and my kids are learning Chinese while burning off some energy.

screenshot of taiwanese dance exercise video in Mandarin Chinese

Here is a link to the Youtube playlist for 麥克斯廣場舞 if your kids like these videos as much as mine.

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