Where to Buy Chinese Books Online

Reading Chinese books is one of the most effective ways to promote your child’s Chinese language development. Through exposure to Chinese characters and sentence structures, children’s books help build vocabulary, increase comprehension, and develop critical thinking skills. Reading also helps children learn proper grammar and pronunciation.

Chinese Bookstore Online Retailers

Below are the online retailers that offer a wide variety of Chinese books and Chinese learning materials. With these options, there’s no need to travel abroad or trouble relatives with the task of purchasing books for us. Say goodbye to the hassle of hauling heavy boxes back from overseas, as these small businesses ship Chinese children’s books right to our doorstep.

JoJo Learning

Along with the Luka Reading Robot, Jojo Learning also offers a vast selection of picture books in Simplified Chinese from around the globe, providing young readers with access to an array of culturally diverse stories and perspectives. Jojo Learning is the authorized seller of the renowned Luka Reading Robot and stocks a wide variety of children’s books that are compatible with this popular educational device.

Language: Mandarin, Simplified Chinese
Shipping: Global Shipping
Browse the JoJo Learning Website

Yo Baby Shop

Since 2017, two moms from Taiwan have been sourcing hard-to-get books and kids’ items from Taiwan and Asia. They have since expanded to a brick-and-mortar location in the City of Industry, California, where they host storytime and other events to support Chinese-speaking families.

Language: Mandarin, Traditional Chinese
Shipping: United States, Canada, and Mexico
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Gloria’s Bookstore

As one of the largest online retailers specializing in Chinese children’s books in the United States, Gloria’s Bookstore boasts an extensive collection of thousands of book titles. Based in Santa Clara, California, they also organize periodic warehouse sales at their location, providing customers with exciting opportunities to explore and purchase books at discounted prices.

Language: Mandarin, Traditional Chinese
Shipping: United States and Canada
Local Pickup: Santa Clara, California
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Mr. and Mrs. Books

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Mr. and Mrs. Books is operated by a husband and wife team and their 3 children. They curate only the most popular books from Taiwan to help parents build their children’s Traditional Chinese home libraries.

Language: Mandarin, Traditional Chinese
Shipping: Continental United States
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Chinese Book Subscriptions

A book subscription for kids brings numerous benefits, including exposure to a wide variety of books, regular access to new and curated selections, convenience, time-saving for parents, encouragement of reading habits, and support for literacy and language skills. By providing a constant stream of engaging books, subscriptions enhance children’s literary horizons, vocabulary, comprehension, and overall development while instilling a lifelong appreciation for the joy and value of reading.

Curio Books

Award-winning foreign language books and learning materials for children ages 0-10. Currently available in Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Languages: Mandarin, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
Shipping: United States
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Book Box Chinese by Mrs. Books

Books Box Chinese is a quarterly book subscription. Each box includes 6 books plus surprise activities and freebies.

Language: Mandarin, Traditional Chinese
Shipping: Continental United States
Learn more about the Book Box Chinese subscription

Duck Duck Book Club

Experience the joy of receiving a brand-new book delivered straight to your doorstep every three months! Duck Duck Books specializes in publishing and curating books that promote social-emotional learning, providing valuable resources to parents in their endeavor to raise kind-hearted individuals. By joining, you can save between 10-40% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese), Spanish, English
Shipping: Continental United States

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Where to Buy Used Chinese Books

Motherly Notes Used Chinese Books

Join the Motherly Notes Used Chinese Books Facebook Group and score some deals on pre-loved Chinese books. Establishing a home library is a significant investment and buying used books can help you save a lot of money. Children outgrow books quickly and you can resell your books to offset the cost to purchase new books.

Buy Nothing Group

If you live in a community with a large Asian population, join your local Buy Nothing Community. My group has been my greatest resource for saving money and reducing clutter. Buy nothing helps to reduce waste and is a huge driver of sustainability. I have gifted and received Chinese books from other parents, as well as other useful items.

Public Library Book Sales

We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and our public libraries regularly have book sales. I have found many books starting as low as $0.25. The best deal I found was a set of Little Newton magazines with the DVD for only $0.50 each magazine. Check your local brand for sales!

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