Mooncake Cookies

Not a fan of mooncakes but want to bake up some sweet festive treats using your mooncake molds? I tested a few batches of mooncake cookies to get the perfect recipe that works with standard mooncake molds. My tried and true recipe is easy and fun for kids too. Best of all—these cookies are not too sweet! Read More

Taiwanese Preserved Radish Omelet Recipe

Preserved radish omelet or 菜脯蛋 (pinyin: Cài pú dàn/Taiwanese Hokkien: chhài-pó͘-nn̄g) is a common breakfast dish and the perfect accompaniment to rice porridge. This is my mom’s Taiwanese preserved radish omelet recipe. Every family has their own special way of making this dish and I’m sure you will too! Read More

Easy Muah Chee Recipe

This easy muah chee recipe requires only 4 ingredients and can be made in one bowl and cooked in a rice cooker or Instant Pot. My kids have been making this since age 4! Read More

Sweet Peanut Soup Recipe

With an Instant Pot you can make this dessert in no time! Peanut soup can be enjoyed alone or served with red beans or 湯圓 (tāngyuán). In the summer the cooked peanuts can be used as a topping for shaved ice or 豆花 (dòuhuā). Read More

Taiwanese Sticky Rice Recipe

Taiwanese sticky rice, or 油饭 (Yóu fàn), is one of my favorite dishes and the ultimate Taiwanese comfort food. Learn how to make 油饭 with this easy Instant Pot recipe. Read More

Kabocha Pumpkin Pie Recipe

What’s the best pumpkin for pie? I have 3 pumpkins from Halloween that I’m going to roast and bake into pies for a fun cooking experiment. Two varieties I selected are common during the fall season, a sugar pumpkin and a white lumina. The third variety,  kabocha squash, is frequently used in Taiwanese dishes. Can you guess which pumpkin wins? Read More

Dumpling and Potsticker and Recipe

Dumplings, or 水餃 (shuǐ jiǎo) in Mandarin, are meat and vegetables in a noodle wrapper. Potstickers, or 鍋貼 {guō tiē), are pan-fried dumplings. The perfect food! This recipe will make a big batch to store in the freezer. Frozen dumplings are fast and easy to cook, a last-minute meal the whole family will enjoy. Read More

Tang Yuan Recipe

Looking for a warm dessert for these cold winter months? Try this simple tang yuan recipe to make Chinese glutenous rice balls. It’s a fun activity for the kids too! Read More