Podcasts to Learn Chinese

Here is a list of our family’s favorite podcasts to learn Mandarin Chinese. Improve language comprehension, learn new vocabulary, and hear the proper pronunciation in Mandarin Chinese. Bonus – podcasts to learn Taiwanese! Read More

Free Online Chinese Storytime

Introduce your child to Chinese language through books, music, and activities. Learning a language can be fun with these free online Chinese storytime classes. This list includes online storytime classes from around the world so you can pick a time that works for you. Read More

Digital Books from Taiwan Public Library

Looking for a digital library like Epic in Chinese or Raz Kids in Chinese? 兒童文化館 (Ér tóng wén huà guǎn) is an educational website for children that houses the digital books from Taiwan Public Library. All books are in Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin. This is a great FREE educational resource. Read More

How to Add Zhuyin to Websites

Do you ever wish you could implant a microchip in your brain and instantly be able to read as many languages as programmed? Until then we can make reading Chinese for newbies a little easier with the technology available now. Here’s how to add Zhuyin (aka Bopomofo) to websites using a Chrome extension. Translating Chinese to English isn’t always accurate, add Zhuyin instead and make it possible to shop Chinese sites, read news, and use educational websites. Read More

Free Chinese Fonts

Google Fonts now has free Chinese fonts. You can use them to create your own worksheets and flashcards. You can even use the fonts for commercial use if you want to resell your creations. Both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese fonts are available. Just go to Google fonts to get started! Read More

Google Translate

Many of us have had comical experiences with Google Translate. For example a children’s book title 紅屁股小偷事件, Google translates to “Red Ass Thief Event”. According to Google Trends, the word “ass” is twice as popular as “butt”. That could factor into the software’s selection of words it uses for translations. One can only guess their Read More

Free Chinese New York Times

Get free access to New York Times through almost any Public library. Create and account through your library card and receive unlimited access to NYTimes.com including the recipes! That’s a savings of $75 for the year. The free Chinese New York Times online edition in Simplified Chinese is also included. I was able to sign up Read More