Chinese Shows and Movies for Teens

Can watching Chinese language shows can improve language skills? Yes! Here is a list of Chinese shows and movies to help your teen learn Mandarin. These are suitable for ages 14 and up who can already understand Mandarin. These shows and movies are great to enjoy together for some parent teen bonding time! Read More

Holiday Movies in Mandarin Chinese

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Time to get out your fuzzy house slippers, fuzzy robes, fuzzy blankets, and pile onto the couch to watch a movie and stay warm. Here’s a list of over 30 family-friendly holiday movies in Mandarin Chinese available on Netflix. Read More

28 Family-Friendly Chinese Movies to Learn Mandarin

Looking for family-friendly movies you can watch in Mandarin? I’ve got you covered for the next rainy day or family movie night. Your search ends now—here’s a collection of family movies in Chinese for adults, tweens, and younger children to enjoy. Read More

26 Chinese Dramas and Shows to Learn Mandarin

Here’s a list of my favorite binge-worthy Mandarin Dramas from Taiwan and China. Watching Mandarin language dramas can help expand your Chinese vocabulary and introduce colloquial terms that you don’t often learn in textbooks or novels. Read More

Chinese Exercise Videos Kids Love

Congrats if you have made it past the first couple weeks of distance learning. Those PE videos have got to go though, am I right? When possible we go outside for PE, but these raging fires in California have made the air outside unsafe. Here’s a list of exercise videos in Chinese to replace those awful PE videos. Read More

Live-action Chinese Shows for Kids

Here’s a list of live-action Chinese shows for kids. Educational content includes non-cartoon shows about nature, science, and kid life. Watch for free on YouTube and Netflix. Read More

Taiwanese Films in the New York Film Festival 2020

Looking for weekend movie night options? The 2020 New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) brings us 51 films this year, running from August 28th through September 12th. Seven of the selections are Taiwanese films. Watch online at home ala carte, or all the films with the season pass. Read More

Chinese Shows on Netflix for Robot Loving Kids

Need some new shows to stream to keep your kids busy? Here’s a list of shows and movies on Netflix in Mandarin for robot loving kids (and action and Transformers). Please check the rating of each show and make sure the content is appropriate for your child. Read More

7 Websites and Apps to Watch Chinese Shows and Movies

For language learners, watching Chinese shows is a fun way to learn commonly spoken phrases and expand your Chinese vocabulary. These are my top recommendations for popular streaming services to watch Chinese language content for free or with a subscription. Read More