Bulldozer Costume and Worksheet

dump truck monster truck

Happy Halloween week everyone!

I’m so happy my son shares my love for costumes. I’ve made his costumes since his very first Halloween. This is our second year making his costume together and I hope to make it yearly tradition. Here are photos of our bulldozer costume and worksheet that I created to go along with this project. Enjoy!

jet pilot costume
firetruck costume

My personal challenge is to create something fun while spending as little as possible. This year’s total came to $2.75 for yellow paint and glue sticks. The rest we salvaged from our trash bin, down to the old shirt and packing paper used to protect our furniture. The bulldozer tracks are folded cardboard. The drives (wheel looking parts) are made of pie plates and yogurt containers.

ready to paint
costume painting

My son was proud of what we created together. Even our little one who hates dressing up joined in on the fun so we could enter the  Chronicle’s San Francisco themed costume contest. She’s dressed as an evicted tenant and he’s a greedy land developer. We also took home a prize at our local costume parade this afternoon. Today was a good day.

sibling costume sf theme
sibling costume bulldozer

I’ve created a new worksheet to go along with our Halloween costume making. This activity requires the use of scissors, helping to further develop his fine motor skills. Parents can help if your children are too young for scissors. My son at age 4 still struggles with scissors as you can see from the photo, but being a lefty makes him a little less coordinated. This worksheet is designed for preschool/pre-writers and is a simple matching game that requires the child to study and memorize the characters.

Download the traditional 推土機 worksheet

Download the simplified 推土机worksheet

bulldozer worksheet
bulldozer worksheet

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  1. Betty says:

    Oh my goodness, the costumes are adorable!! So impressed that these were created from cardboard boxes. Yay for recycling!! And of course the printables look amazing, too! Thank you for sharing both language versions 🙂

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