Books on Hygiene

Books on Hygiene

My boy, my first born child, 我的臭豆腐, is starting kindergarten next month. Friends, I’m totally spazzing out. In preschool there is a teacher per 6 students. In preschool they all go as a group to wash their hands before they eat. They brush their teeth after lunch. Kindergarten is going to be a free-for-all. I cannot get HFM again. Please, not again! We’ve been reading these books on hygiene. Please work. Please, please work!



Brushing Soldiers of Cavity Kingdom
Language: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

A book with cute illustrations teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth! Cavities are expensive to treat so better to prevent them.

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Dirty Bertie by David Roberts


Dirty Bertie
Language: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

This book cracks me up. The story is about a little boy that does many gross things, hence the name Dirty Bertie. My kids giggle and say, “eew right?”. Definitely a must have for your home library!

Available from Amazon in Simplified Chinese



Soap Superman
Language: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin
ISBN: 9789575033514

This is a great book prepping my son for Kindergarten this fall. Soap Superman teaches how to properly wash off all those dirty germs! We were able to borrow it from our local library but we may add this to our permanent collection!

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