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Create a Homeschool Space for Free

Learn how I created our homeschool space for practically free. We will be spending a lot of time here playing, creating, building, learning, laughing, and making happy memories. Read More

Reading Strip DIY and Sagebooks Update

If your child is reading the Pinyin in Sagebooks instead of the Chinese characters, you may want to try a reading strip. Reading strips can make reading easier by reducing visual stress. Cover up the Pinyin and English translation to help focus on the Chinese characters. Read More

Online Chinese Summer Camps 2020

School is out and many on-site summer schools are not open this year. I am scrambling to make a plan to continue education until my kids can return to school! Here’s a list of online Chinese summer camps for 2020 that I found on my search.. Read More

Learn Chinese with Action Cubes

Learn Chinese with action cubes! This is a game of pure silliness I came up with to learn 12 common verbs. Get your little ones moving and laughing while they learn Chinese. Read More

Ninja Coloring Sheet

My son is obsessed with ninjas so that gave me an idea for this ninja coloring sheet to get him to keep his mask on when we are out. Ninjas wear masks. Be a good ninja. Drawing by grandpa Read More

Pinball Game

The kids love playing pinball at the night markets in Taiwan. Since we can’t go back this year I decided to bring the game right to our living room. I made this with a cardboard box, corks, and boba straws. This is a fun way to sneak in some math by turning it into a competitive game and having the kids add up their scores. Read More

Night Market Game with Chinese Flash Cards

This is the first spring in many years that we can’t go back to Taiwan. We’ve had lot of fun times playing games at the night market. Since we can’t make it there I decided to bring the games here! Hope you enjoy this one! My son learned 16 characters in one afternoon playing this game. Read More

Chinese Character Painted Cookies

Learn Chinese characters with this cookie painting activity. You can make your own cookie dough or use store bought cookie dough. The cookie paint requires just 2 simple ingredients and no added sugar. No sugary icing is used to decorate these cookies. Read More

She He and It Chinese Pronouns Activity Sheet

Learn the difference between 他, 她, and 它 with this activity sheet for She, He, It Chinese pronouns. The activity sheet combines coloring, writing practice, and character recognition. I hope you enjoy this free printable! Read More