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Asian Foodie Valentine’s Day Cards

Spread the love with these punny Asian Foodie Valentine’s Day cards. The cards are designed in English and Chinese. Just print and cut out and you are ready to give to your favorite foodies! Read More

Chinese Shows and Movies for Teens

Can watching Chinese language shows can improve language skills? Yes! Here is a list of Chinese shows and movies to help your teen learn Mandarin. These are suitable for ages 14 and up who can already understand Mandarin. These shows and movies are great to enjoy together for some parent teen bonding time! Read More

Diverse Kids Books in Chinese

There are Chinese language learners all around the world! I created a list of Chinese picture books with diverse characters to reflect the multicultural families and differently-abled people in our learning community. It is also important to include diverse kids books in Chinese about different cultures and experiences so children can understand the world around them. Multicultural kids books make learning inclusive for all. Language learning is for everyone! Read More

Easy Muah Chee Recipe

This easy muah chee recipe requires only 4 ingredients and can be made in one bowl and cooked in a rice cooker or Instant Pot. My kids have been making this since age 4! Read More

Tiger Photo Frame

Celebrate Lunar New Year with this adorable Tiger photo frame. Print the color versions or download the coloring sheets to DIY Read More

Chinese Picture Books About Self-Love

Help your Chinese learner build self-confidence with this list of Chinese Picture Books About Self-Love. Most of the books feature human characters that children can relate to and see themselves in the lessons that the books are teaching. Read More