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Chinese Exercise Videos Kids Love

Congrats if you have made it past the first couple weeks of distance learning. Those PE videos have got to go though, am I right? When possible we go outside for PE, but these raging fires in California have made the air outside unsafe. Here’s a list of exercise videos in Chinese to replace those awful PE videos. Read More

Live-action Chinese Shows for Kids

Here’s a list of live-action Chinese shows for kids. Educational content includes non-cartoon shows about nature, science, and kid life. Watch for free on YouTube and Netflix. Read More

Taiwanese Sponge Cake

Taiwanese sponge cake 古早味蛋糕 is actually quite easy to make and even more fun to eat! Try the recipe today and enjoy this light and bouncy cake. Read More

Cookie Play Dough Recipe

This play dough is edible because it’s just cookie dough! Use this cookie play dough recipe to model Chinese characters or play with your moon cake molds, then bake and eat! Read More

Distance Learning Tips for Technology

Teachers, kids, and parents are scrambling to learn how to navigate these new online classrooms. It is not easy and we have days of meltdowns and tears. Here are distance learning tips to make online learning a little easier. Read More

Chinese Numbers Worksheet

This Chinese numbers worksheet is to practice writing numbers 1 through 20 in numerals and Chinese characters. Designed for preschoolers to 2nd grade, but great for any beginner. Read More

Taiwanese Films in the New York Film Festival 2020

Looking for weekend movie night options? The 2020 New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) brings us 51 films this year, running from August 28th through September 12th. Seven of the selections are Taiwanese films. Watch online at home ala carte, or all the films with the season pass. Read More

Talking C-Pen Chinese Flashcards

The C-pen Chinese flashcards are a great resource for parents that do not speak Chinese, or like me are not fluent Chinese speakers. With just one tap of the C-pen your child can learn the proper pronunciation of Chinese characters. On the back of the card is the definition of the character, an example phrase, and the stroke order for writing practice. Read More