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How To Find a Taipei Babysitter

Taiwan is an extremely kid-friendly destination, but parents should also relax and enjoy some activities that are for adults only. Babysitters are difficult to find because locals rely on family for childcare support. It’s not common to have strangers babysit, however, the culture is shifting a bit with more foreign business families and overseas Taiwanese Read More

Ultimate List of Chinese Lego Sets

How does playing with Legos fit into language learning? You can teach your child about the cultures that inspired these Lego designs. Play-based learning is a great way for parents to bond with their children. Read More

Chinese Picture Books About Negative Emotions

Here is a list of Chinese picture books that I found helpful to teach my children about negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, frustration, sadness, or loneliness. Being able to identify feelings, positive or negative, can help children work through uncomfortable emotions and foster emotional intelligence. Read More

Taiwanese Preserved Radish Omelet Recipe

Preserved radish omelet or 菜脯蛋 (pinyin: Cài pú dàn/Taiwanese Hokkien: chhài-pó͘-nn̄g) is a common breakfast dish and the perfect accompaniment to rice porridge. This is my mom’s Taiwanese preserved radish omelet recipe. Every family has their own special way of making this dish and I’m sure you will too! Read More