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Summer Camp in China - Beijing Culture Adventure Camp

Are you searching for a summer camp in China that blends Mandarin language learning and cultural immersion? Look no further than Beijing Culture Adventure Camp by 星谷微澜 (Xinggu Weilan). 

Since this is the camp’s debut summer, my family and I haven’t had the chance to experience it yet. However, the camp director, Teacher Su, who was also a former colleague of mine, has shared with me with all the details of his program. He has over 16 years of expertise in education and prior experience as a general manager at Lingo Bus, Beijing’s foremost online platform for learning Chinese. His inspiration for founding this camp stemmed from his search for a more enjoyable camp experience for his six-year-old daughter. 

What is the Beijing Culture Adventure Camp?

The Beijing Culture Adventure Camp is a 14-day summer boarding camp in China for children ages 7-12 years old. Campers will get to visit 16 of Beijing’s cultural landmarks and historic sites, immersing them in the Chinese language and culture. From exploring the Forbidden City to hiking the Great Wall, students will experience Chinese culture in an unforgettable way. 

Unlike other programs that emphasize writing practice in the classroom, this language camp focuses on hands-on learning and experiences to create a positive bond with the language and culture. The Beijing Culture Adventure Camp’s founding principle is that a happy learning environment is the most effective way for your child to learn.

Can parents attend?

This a 14-day sleepaway/boarding camp. Hotel accommodations can be made for you to stay with your child, however, we encourage parents not to attend the field trips with the camp. Teacher Su finds students are more independent and open to engaging with peers when their parents are not around. Separate Tour packages can be arranged for parents interested in exploring Beijing.

What will my child learn at camp?

The camp advertises that students will be introduced to more than 600 Chinese characters and functional phrases, taught through experiential, project-based, and play-based learning.

Each evening, teachers introduce the topics, vocabulary, and Chinese characters they will encounter during the field trip. On the actual trip, the little explorers get a hands-on experience with the topic! They’ll play fun language games like scavenger hunts to reinforce their Mandarin skills. During evening Mandarin circle time, campers share their adventures and chat about all the new things they’ve learned.

In addition to Chinese characters and Mandarin, campers will experience navigating the Beijing subway, learn how to wash their laundry, and even cook meals together. They will learn about carpentry, Chinese medicine, history, art, and of course Chinese food! Real-life situations will enable your child to learn Chinese which is applicable in everyday life.

What are the experiences that the camp has arranged?

The Beijing Culture Adventure Camp has many activities planned for your child. 

  • Beijing Central Axis walking tour and Jingshan Park
  • Forbidden City
  • Temple of Heaven
  • National Stadium – Bird Nest
  • Water Cube – Aquatics Center
  • Great Wall at Mutianyu 
  • Summer Palace Dragon Boat Ride
  • Hutong Rickshaw Tour
  • Tree House Activity 
  • Jintai Blue Pottery Museum
  • Chinese Medicine Museum
  • Chinese Calligraphy Studio
  • Preserved Fruit Museum
  • Peking Opera Theater  
  • Shadow Puppet Theatre
  • Master Chefs Farm Visit

What makes Beijing Culture Adventure Camp unique?

You won’t find these field trips listed in any travel guide! These are just some unique experiences that set this camp apart from the rest. The curriculum has been expertly designed to incorporate immersive educational activities that allow campers to absorb Chinese vocabulary and culture while experiencing their Beijing adventures.

Master Chefs Farm Visit

As part of this culinary adventure, campers will work together to build a shelter complete with an outdoor kitchen. The little master chefs will prepare pit-roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, and tomato egg soup and enjoy fruits they picked from the orchard. After lunch, campers will learn the craft of woodworking and complete a project.

This farm experience combines outdoor activities with culinary skills and woodworking. Campers will work together, learn new skills, and make a delicious meal with fresh ingredients. By building a shelter and outdoor kitchen, campers will learn about teamwork and problem-solving, while the culinary aspect will teach them about nutrition and cooking techniques. Overall, this experience promotes physical activity, creativity, teamwork, and learning new Chinese vocabulary, making it fun and educational.

Tree House Activity 

Building a tree house can be a fun and educational activity for children to learn about architecture. Additionally, they can experiment with adding Chinese elements such as colors, shapes, and other relevant features to enhance their learning experience.

Does my child need to speak Chinese?

At Beijing Culture Adventure Camp, all the teachers and staff are bilingual in English and Mandarin, and the group leader also speaks Spanish. To make the most of the camp, we suggest that your child knows enough Mandarin to communicate their basic needs. This way, they’ll have an even better time learning and practicing their language skills.

How old does my child need to be?

The Beijing Culture Adventure Camp has tailored its curriculum and activities for children between 7 to 12 years old.

What are the camp dates?

Session 1: June 16 – June 29
Session 2: June 30 – July 13

Each session accommodates 15 to 18 campers.

Registration Deadlines

Session 1: Register by May 25
Session 2: Register by June 9

How much is the camp?

Tuition for each 2-week session costs CN¥27500 ($3819 USD) Including all activities, meals, and hotel. (airfare not included).

MamaBabyMandarin Discount

Save CN¥1500 with an exclusive discount when you enroll by April 30.
Save CN¥500 from May 5 until the registration deadline for your session.

Mention MamaBabyMandarin as your referral to get the discount.

Siblings and Friends Discount

You can also save by registering siblings and friends together for camp. Here’s how the sibling and friends discount works.

2 children, save CN¥500 ($69 USD) each
3 children, save CN¥600 ($83 USD) each
4 children, save CN¥800 ($111 USD) each

Tuition fees include all hotel, meals, and snacks, entrance fees to activities, and transportation. You must purchase your own airfare and travel visa.

How do I sign up?

Find more information and message Beijing Culture Adventure Camp via WeChat @suhfchina, their Facebook page, or use the registration form.

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